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June 22, 2011

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Blog Influence – Wedding Shoes

Blog Influence - Wedding Shoes

When I started this blog, as I have said before, it was for two reasons; 1. To make a name for myself before I started my shoe line and 2. To positively influence and assist in the finding of beneficial information and shoe porn. And just recently, I have been able to see that second bit come to life in a major way. That being, I had a reader of mine, who truly took to heart the advice that I have given in the past, as well as purchased some shoes that I recommended and even came to see me to have my shine services put to good use.

A while back I wrote a post about men and their wedding shoes and how I believe that they should not always be black. Instead, I think that, as marriage is something that hopefully only happens once, one should make the most of it and be unique in his outfit, without being over-the-top crazy. Obviously this is subjective and others will disagree. But this reader of mine decided that it sounded like a good idea and therefore purchased a pair of burgundy whole-cuts by Septieme Largeur, a brand that I am quite fond of and have put several times on the blog.

So once he received the shoes, he came to visit me to have them shined up for the big day. I was so taken aback by the story, that I asked him to stay in contact and send me some pictures of the wedding so that I could post it up on the blog. And that he did. So as you can see, he wore his burgundy whole-cuts on the big day, matched the lining of the jacket to the shoes (brilliant I must say!), and looked great with something other than black! And not to pat myself on the back but it was great to know that my advice assisted him in his wedding attire.

Thank you Steve, this is exactly how I hoped to help people!!

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Blog Influence - Wedding Shoes

Blog Influence - Wedding Shoes

Blog Influence - Wedding ShoesBlog Influence - Wedding Shoes

Blog Influence - Wedding Shoes


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