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June 16, 2011

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My Next Pair

Sorry for the delay in writing these last days but I have seized the opportunity to get some shoemaking in, which left me up until the late hours doing so and then needing to immediately go to bed once done. Many of you might have been under the impression that the next shoe that I made was going to be of my own design, but as the pattern won’t be completely done, and thus the leather cut, until the 24th of this month, I figured that I would try and squeeze in this rejected upper that I had lying around.
As you can see, it’s a cream colored upper and as I look outside of my window, and see that it’s raining, I have come to the conclusion that I will not be keeping it this color. That being, I am having an internal debate about making it some sort of forest green or just dying it all black. Believe it or not, as boring as it sounds, I am tempted to just go all black as I look at my wardrobe and realize that I don’t own one fully-black classic shoe. Outside of my patent leather Ferragamo loafers, I wouldn’t have anything to wear at a black tie or formal event. And in a country, such as England, where formal events come quite frequently, I need to be prepared for when I am invited to one!
As you can see it was a close call on the size, as the leather has already been cut and there is not much allowance for lasting it, that’s why it took me all night last night to finally get it on. Shoemaking is certainly not like riding a bike, the more you don’t do it, the more you forget!


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