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June 12, 2011

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Today’s Favorites – Enrile

As I usually tend to put ‘out of this world’ type shoes on these pages, I feel like every once in a while I need to switch it up a bit and add a little bit of classic back into my blog. I have only just discovered this new up-and-comer in the European shoe industry and therefore wanted to share it with all of you. Once only a leather goods maker, company Enrile from Seville, Spain, decided to take up shoemaking as well, just 5 years ago, and have done a good job at creating a very classically Spanish product. As you can see in the pictures, they tend to make a very classic, yet elegant product, having very simple shapes, nothing too extreme yet just curvy enough to not be boring either. They have a small collection of RTW shoes but I feel that their strong base of production lies in made-to-order, where the customer can ultimately choose between last shapes, colors, and leather types. Being that they are Spanish made shoes, they specialize in shell cordovan as well as vegetable tanned greased veal, which is unique to Spain. As the veal is very difficult to work with, you don’t tend to see it used in shoe products, but Enrile has managed to overcome the difficulty and thus offers something unique to them. While the bulk of their company specializes in making leather goods for larger companies, I feel that they more they focus on shoes, the more known they just might become!!


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