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June 30, 2011

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Today’s Favorites – Grenson Canvas Cap Toe’s

Today's Favorites - Grenson Canvas Cap Toe's

I finally saw someone wearing cool and unique shoes, on Savile Row!!! I can’t lie, actually this is the second time, but the first, I was heading to work, had my iPod in, and just couldn’t be fussed to ask some random guy to take a picture of his shoes. But as this was a customer who came over to chat, I thought to myself, ‘why not?’ I was stumped, too, because I thought that I was all clever asking him if they were Lodger, as they have a SS11 style just like this, when in fact, they were made by Grenson (must be the higher-end line) as a special make up for this store in London, that I believe he said no longer exists. Anyway, the shoe was some sort of canvas, with a calfskin cap and laces to match and they were cool!! He even had a hat to match, which was even better and I applauded his bravery for wearing such shoes in a city like London, where you never know if it is going to just start raining at any second. Well, enjoy my first pics of an actual pair of customers shoes. I will try and do this more often, but usually being bombarded by black on people’s feet, I just really don’t see many people wearing worthy shoes…..


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