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Monthly Archive: August 2011

August 11, 2011

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Life’s Influence On Your Shoe Collection

It’s truly amazing how you evolve as a person, not only with the way you think but with the way you behave, with the way that you dress, with the way that you do most things really. Thinking about what I wanted to write about this morning I was just think about me being in this place in time, and how different I am compared to 2 years ago, when I was in Italy, and […]

August 10, 2011

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Today’s Favorites – Random’s

I am in a bit of a rush this morning and could not think of a specific maker that I wanted to write about so I thought that I would just filter through my ‘random’ pictures folder. That being, I am will put up some shoes here, but may not 100% sure about who the maker is. For example, I believe that the stunning spat boot above is made by Aubercy, but also have this […]

August 8, 2011

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Paris Part 3 — Corthay Visit

For my last and final installment of my Paris trip, I present to you, my visit to the legendary Corthay shop on Rue de Volney. While there were so many places that I wanted to go, there is only so much you can do in a day in a half, especially when it’s your first time in a city that you don’t know the language. But thanks to my friend Mattieu, who so kindly took […]

August 7, 2011

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Shoes Of The Week – Random Mark McNairy’s

I really love what Mark McNairy has done in the shoe industry. In what used to be a relatively dull, no-color ridden market, Mark McNairy decided to do something about it and launched his line, emphasizing this prep-chic style (loafers, heavy brogues and buck’s) that incorporated a lot of color, particularly in the soles. And since then, he has seemed to grow at an exponential rate. And that is simply great! When coming out with […]

August 5, 2011

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My Shoes #23 – Carreducker Winkers

I just recently acquired a pair of the ‘Winkers resort shoe‘ by Carreducker, and man do I like them. They are just so different from your normal kick-around loafer. As you can see, they are not made from your ordinary materials. They are made by Harris Tweed. And being such a sucker for shoes made with fabrics, as opposed to leather, I have been eye-balling them for awhile now. Being that the sun is such […]

August 3, 2011

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Paris Part 2 — Paulus Bolten, The Patina Artist

As many of you who frequently read my blog may know, the art of the patina is something that is appreciated and practiced, as a profession, by several people in France. One of those people, would be the magnificent Paulus Bolten, who is the owner of Patine & Glacage Souliers. So while I was in Paris, I figured that even though I love all of my shoes the way they are, I might as well […]

August 1, 2011

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Paris Part 1: Septieme Largeur Store Visit

On a relatively quiet street (Rue Saint-Lazare), just 10 minutes walking distance from the famous Galleries Lafayette and a spitting’s distance from Saint Trinite’ square, lies the wonderfully simplistic shop of Septieme Largeur. As I have become such a huge fan of the brand, since their introduction on my blog, it was definitely a place that I needed to visit, get some product from, and do a nice write up for all of you. That […]