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August 12, 2011

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Shoes Of The Week – George Cleverley

Shoes Of The Week - George Cleverley

I love to see shoes made in skins that I have never seen before, so when I saw these bespoke George Cleverley , I was stupefied. Not only had I not seen this skin before, I had never even heard of the animal, carpincho that is. If you have never heard of it too, I will let you know that carpinchos just might be the scariest things ever, being that they look like a mix between a giant rat & dog. But nonetheless, they make an exquisite skin for a lovely shoe. The texture is so unique (it’s incredibly soft and supple) and the hair follicles (or what look like it) give off such a beautiful contrast to the skin, giving it that overcrowded polka-dot look, which to me makes the shoe as cool as it is. I mean, these same shoes in just a calfskin would be nice, no doubt, but not nearly as eye-catching as this. And even though I like to see new skins being used on shoes, I am not really the biggest fan of most ‘exotics.’ I appreciate seeing them to know what they would look like, but I would not wear a lot of them. But I must say, giant rat-dog shoes, I would wear, especially these!

Pictures Courtesy Of: Leather Soul

Shoes Of The Week - George Cleverley


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