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September 30, 2011

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My New Gaziano & Girling ‘Astaires’

A befitting name for my preferred Gaziano & Girling shoe, the Astaire. Surely named after my favorite style icon Fred Astaire, this shoe not only represents him, his style and his personality to a “T,” but also represents what I feel that is truly lacking from shoe society and what I would like to see more of. Why is it that a navy shoe is not more popular? I look at this and I see something that could surely be introduced into society, seeing business men wearing this as a professional shoe. Navy (or blue), in my opinion, is just as versatile as brown, is not ostentatious in any way and would look good with almost all of the colors of the suit spectrum, with the exception of black. Yet as I always say, why don’t we see blue shoes more often? Whatever the case, I definitely plan to try and break this mold with the inclusion of the color blue into many of my shoe styles for my upcoming collections. Obviously, I cannot make a blue shoe for every model I make, but I can say that there will be at least one blue (or navy) option for each season that I produce shoes. For my first collection, there are already two and I am quite excited about them and think that many of you will be too (at least let’s hope so…).

Well, I just received these today and cannot wait to wear them. Be on the look out for some outfit pictures that I will take in order to show just how practical and easy a blue shoe can be in the average wardrobe. Enjoy the weekend!


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