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September 15, 2011

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Reader’s Shoe Collection

Reader's Shoe Collection

There is a forum in France (similar in vain to SF in the States) called En Grande Pompe that holds a array of gentleman who just may love shoes as much as I do. Many of these gentleman read The Shoe Snob and several have been over to Gieves & Hawkes to meet me in person, which I found very flattering. Just recently one came over and introduced himself as an advocate of the blog and letting me know that many were awaiting my shoe line launch. While this was very very flattering it also made me a bit nervous, as the pressure is on, for me to back up everything that I have been talking about in my blog, up until now. Nevertheless, it was nice to meet him, as it always is for me to meet my blog’s readers.
On another note, the gentleman decided to send me a pictureof his shoe collection. This picture fills me with extreme envy, as it represents what I would love to have. While I might already be close, I know that the caliber of shoes that his collection represents is far higher than mine, as I am still building up the big names. Well, I thought that all of you might enjoy this, or envy it…..


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