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September 24, 2011

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Shoes Of The Week – Saint Crispins

Shoes Of The Week - Saint Crispins

When I first got into the shoe industry (selling shoes at Nordstrom), I used to hate loafers that had kilties on them, especially when they were paired with tassels. It was simply a bombardment of materiel that overshadowed the shoe itself, especially since they tended to be on those really low-cut loafers that you find popular in the States. It was until Church’s came out with their vintage line and paired a kilty with a proper shoe (model: Kaber) that I began to like them. Now you see them popping up everywhere, and it’s almost become the trendy thing to do in the shoe industry. And why not? It offers something unique, can truly transform the look of a shoe, and is a nice testament to how shoes use to be back in the old days.

But when I saw this model above, by Saint Crispins, it completely confirmed my liking of the kilty, placed elegantly on a shoe. Everything about this model is right. All the proportions are dead-on, the length of the kilty is perfect, the strap is thin and elegant, and the brogue pattern is beautifully positioned in all the right places. I am actually filling with envy as I write this, because the more I look at this shoe, the more that I want it, and the more that I realize that I cannot afford it. So I will leave it at this and wish all a fantastic weekend!

Picture Courtesy Of: Leather Soul


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