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September 4, 2011

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What I Am Wearing

What I Am Wearing

For those that have been big time followers of my blog, you will know that I used to do a post called, “My Shoes,” of which I wanted to give you all a chance to see the shoes that I, the self-proclaimed ‘Shoe Snob’, own and allow you all to critique me. But no one did so and I could not be bothered to constantly have to pick a different shoe to wear just to take a picture of. Plus, maybe you all don’t care about my 100+ shoes. Therefore, I have decided to change it up a bit. I figured that since I put of loads of colorful and quirky shoes up on my blog, and it may not be the easiest thing to justify not only owning but buying these types of shoes, that I would show all of you my outfits 2-3 times a week so see how I do it. Therefore, for those of you who wish to branch out of the realm of wearing just black shoes, I can hopefully provide you with a visual stepping-stone to do so. I hope that you all enjoy my outfits. Please feel free to comment, even if negative.

Shoes: Gieves & Hawkes by with patina done by Paulus Bolten
DB Jacket: Vintage
Pants: H&M
Shirt: Primark
Bow-tie: Gieves & Hawkes


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