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February 24, 2012

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Shoes Of The Week – Blue Two Tone Brogues by Alfred Sargent

These monks, to me, are the epitome of cool. It is the type of shoe that I would love to wear day in and day out. Partially because I am such a sucker for blue but also because it represents the idea of being fun and a bit outrageous with your shoe choices. Yes, I will say that if you are a businessman, it’s not the most practical choice, but then again, neither is buying and owning a Ferrari in a cramped city like Florence, Italy. But if you had the money and wanted the car, that practicality is not going to stop you, is it? No! That being, shoes like this appeal to me in the utmost way, as they define my ideal of a dream shoe. A shoe that I can wear with not a care in the world, as I would not need to look any which way for any person. Just basically being able to dress how I like. While I can do that anyway, there still are times where I have to be a bit on the conservative side…..unfortunately.

Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly applaud Alfred Sargent for not only making this, but also releasing it. I also applaud online shoe store, A Fine Pair of Shoes, for buying it to then sell to customers. Much bravery (of which I truly admire) went into the thought of this shoe, from conception to wholesale purchase and for me, it makes me smile as it represents progression in the shoe industry!


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