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February 29, 2012

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Today’s Favorites – Clae Fall/Winter 2012

Today's Favorites - Clae Fall/Winter 2012

While may not appeal to all of you, I do have to pay homage every now and then, to the shoe style that birthed my profound passion for footwear. And what would be better than a sneaker that is taking influence from dress shoe styles, such as the saddle and the wing tip, as these Clae models are? What I love about the shoe industry these days is that everything is being mixed. Sneakers are taking from dress and vice versa. And so when you love dress , but fancy a sneaker for casual wear, it’s nice when you are able to find the blending between the two that presents itself in a smart sneaker. And that’s what we have here. But even more so, they used a fabric to make the shoe even more playful. It’s all of my favorite things literally balled up into one shoe, except that its a sneaker instead of a dress shoe. Imagine if it was a dress shoe, how crazy would that be? This is why I still love looking at sneakers. I don’t wear them as often, but I do take inspiration from them, as I will from these models here…..

Pictures Courtesy Of: The Shoe Buff

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