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February 15, 2012

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Today’s Favorites – Sebago’s The Patriot

Today's Favorites - Sebago's The Patriot
Today's Favorites - Sebago's The Patriot

After having some pretty cold weather these last few weeks in London, the sun (and warmth) finally came out today, which almost gave the feeling of a Spring arrival. Now, I must say that I have a real love/hate relationship with our world’s seasons. I love the heat and hate the cold, but hate the clothing for the Spring/Summer and love the clothing for Autumn/Winter. Sounds weird doesn’t it? But about one of the only things that I really really like for the season is the return of the boat shoe. I always look forward to seeing what the boat shoe companies are going to come up with every year in hopes to find something that I really like. This year’s upcoming big one is called The Patriot by , of which any proud British gentleman (and possibly lady) will be able to adorn his country’s flag on the sole of his shoe. I can’t say that I am particularly a big fan of wearing flags on my clothes, but nevertheless, I quite enjoy the rest of this shoe, from the clear sole to the bold lining colors, and just the colors in general. It’s quite amazing to see how much of an impact has been making these last couple of years, first in the States, and now here in England. I can only be excited about their future collaborations and concoctions! For those that share my passion for a nice boat shoe and fancy this one, it will be available from mid-May, and will be exclusive at John Lewis.

Today's Favorites - Sebago's The PatriotToday's Favorites - Sebago's The PatriotToday's Favorites - Sebago's The Patriot


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