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Monthly Archive: April 2012

April 30, 2012

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Today’s Favorites – Bestetti’s ‘Gladiators’

It’s been another one of those Mondays that I just could not seem to get the time to bust out my long post. That being, it will have to wait until tomorrow, and you all will just have to settle with a short, but sweet post for today. While I had never really been the biggest fan of this type of shoe, until I saw a version made by Riccardo Bestetti, I must say that […]

April 27, 2012

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Shoes Of The Week – Pigskin Wholecuts by Carreducker

The more that I see pigskin used for shoemaking, the more that it grows on me. At first I was not so keen on it, not really sure why, just that I wasn’t. But with each time that I get to see a new shoe made up using it, the more that I begin to appreciate the uniqueness of its texture and coloring. Now I could be making this up in my head, but having […]

April 26, 2012

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Red Trousers….Get Some!

I am not 100% positive in saying this, but I am quite sure that I prior to moving to Europe to study shoemaking, I never ever saw anyone wear red trousers. But over here in Europe, they are literally a staple piece in most stylish mens’ wardrobe, which I think is quite great! I feel like many men in the States (or maybe just Seattle, where I am from) are mentally confined to simply wearing […]

April 25, 2012

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The Downfall Of Church’s Shoes

Ever since the Prada group purchased English footwear brand, Church’s, there continuously seems to be a steady decline in quality, integrity and style, almost as if Prada is turning Church’s into a fashion company, much like Prada itself. I don’t understand this, as the old saying goes, “don’t fix something that isn’t broken,” and Church’s were not broken, at least not in integrity….They used to make a lovely shoe, one that used good leather, could […]

April 23, 2012

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Shoe Of The Day – Altan Bottier

Dear Readers, I know that I normally do long posts on Monday, and I actually was writing one and had finished all of the text, when the internet froze and deleted a paragraph and a half of writing. Today has already been “one of those days” and now I simply can’t be bothered to finish it by tonight. That being, feast your eyes on these beauties, by Altan Bottier, and please come back tomorrow to […]

April 20, 2012

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They Are Listening….And It Is About Time!!

I don’t know if it is because of shoe designers like Mark McNairy and Grenson (of whom were amongst the first to come out with abnormal coloring in shoes) or because of my blog, and other ones like mine, but it would finally seem that the brands that may have once been seen as strictly conservative in their shoe making are now branching out and becoming a bit more eclectic! Never in a million years […]

April 19, 2012

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The Green Machine

The thing about green is that when you are able to create the perfect shade of it (think a mix between emerald and forest), it can become one of the most stunning colors there is. While I won’t say that the color that I created on these bespoke brogues is perfect, I will say that it is lovely shade that I happen to find extremely versatile. Not only does it pair well with this light […]

April 18, 2012

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Today’s Favorites – Bottega Veneta – Denim Dress Shoes

Picture Courtesy Of: The Shoe Buff One of the coolest shoes that I have ever seen (believe it or not) was a pair of Hugo Boss shoes that were a mix between brown leather and bright blue jean denim, in the pattern of a spectator (co-respondent). Now, I can’t say if I would feel the same way about them today, as this was about 6 years ago and my tastes have changed since then, but […]

April 16, 2012

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Shoe Sizing…..Yet Another Thing To Work Out

Photo Courtesy Of: Big In Japan Most of you probably think that I am some kind of chord stuck on repeat, with all of the posts I have about my shoes this and my shoes that, but I’ll truly tell you, if ever you have been involved in the production of a new product, it takes a whole lot longer than one might imagine to get it up to scratch. Granted, some people may rush […]

April 13, 2012

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The Armoury, Carmina, The Shoe Snob, London Trunk Show

For those that may not be aware, The Armoury, is a clothier in Hong Kong that specializes in artisanal offerings for men. One of these brands is Carmina, a recognized Spanish shoemaker, of whom I have just recently become very fond of. Now I had always know about them (Carmina), as well as heard good things, but it wasn’t until the owner of The Armoury (Mr. Mark Cho) asked me to shine the samples for […]