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May 17, 2012

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Black on Blue on Blue on Black!!

The more that I spend time here in England and the more this crappy weather prevails, the more I find myself wearing black and blue, together. Two to three years ago, I would have condemned this, but as the weather here is so unpredictable (literally being able to see 4 seasons within 10 minutes time), I constantly fear getting caught in a torrential downpour and ruining a pair of non-black shoes. Therefore, when I see rain on the forecast (which is constant these days), I reach for my trusty Miro loafers by Septieme Largeur. They are good looking, they go with everything (almost) and are comfortable…what more can I ask for, really? In all honesty, I would prefer it is brown suede, but when could I wear it? Never! But as time goes on, and my wildness tones down, I find myself appreciating more and more the pairing of these two colors, so long as somewhere in the outfit I have something that does not make me look so monotone… my socks. Gosh, I am such a hypocrite, aren’t I??? Oh well, whatever!

Shoes: Septieme Largeur
Jacket: Gieves & Hawkes
Sweater (jumper): Intimissimi
Shirt: Primark
Tie: TK Maxx brand
Trousers: Zara


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