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June 21, 2012

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Best Dressed Man In London

Best Dressed Man In London

First note: I am not a professional photographer, hence the angle of this picture making his jacket look way too long and his torso very disproportionate. But this is not in fact the way that it really is, it is the picture and the angle of it that makes it look like this. So….sorry for that.

This gentleman is a regular customer of ours, as I am sure many other places around London and I must say that I have never been less than astonished when ‘taking in’ his outfits, which are always different. He usually wear suede shoes (strange for being a Londoner), which is why I was so pleasantly surprised this time when I saw his C&J adorning his outfit. As I was completely mesmerized this time by the coordination in his outfit, I could not help but ask for a picture in order to share with all of you. Everything in his outfit was perfect, even the way in which he walked around with his hat hanging on his cane. (I would obviously have narrower trousers, but that’s just me). I always enjoy appreciating the concoctions that he creates, usually with either DB’s or 3-Pieces (which are also my favorites) and can only hope that I look as elegant as he does when I, too, am a retiree. And while I work on a street synonymous with excellent style, I can confidently say that I have never seen anyone who does it better than him.


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