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June 27, 2012

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Today’s Favorites – Saint Crispins Split Toe

Usually I am not a huge fan of derbies, nor split toes alike but for some reason Saint Crispin’s shoes seem to put a spell on me. One aspect is that even if I don’t particularly like the style, they make the shoes look so elegant nonetheless, which inevitably ends up jumping out at me anyway. Another reason, is the amazing hand-finishing that they put on many (if not all) of their models. Never before had I seen such vibrant colors used on such classic shoes, before they came around. Sure you have your Corthay’s and such, but they are known for being a little bit more edgy whereby Saint Crispins do very classic looking last and styles, but with out of this world coloring, like this candy colored green. It’s looks like a real tasty Jolly Rancher (for those of you that remember those!) and for some reason that appeals to me. Nonetheless, I must say that I continue, almost every time I see a new one, to be impressed with the direction that they are taking the company. I must applaud them for their dedication to making beautiful pieces of art, that inevitably setting many men around the world apart from the rest!

Pictures Courtesy Of: Leather Soul, as well as Zimmermann & Kim


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