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July 22, 2012

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EG Sale in London – Last Day…..

EG Sale in London - Last Day.....

So after work yesterday I finally got my chance to head over to the pop up sale to see if there was anything that I could not live without. Just so happens that there was…..more than one, but only one being affordable for my bankroll at the current moment….They also had these in the midnight blue color in a UK7.5, a half size too big for me!

Anyway, I have read a bit of reviews about the sale including happy and not-so-happy customers, and figured that I would give it my two cents. Apparently on the first day there were 2 hour queues and the weather was a classic crappy day with drizzling rain all about. This deterred many people from going in and thus not being able to acquire a beautiful pair of EG’s. All I can say is that I am sorry and that I can’t blame you because I would have done the same. However, things seemed to have died down since that Wednesday, with no queue when I went at 5:30pm, and there is still quite a bit of product. Let me rephrase that: there is still quite a bit of product, but MAINLY in the smaller sizes UK6-UK9. So if you are these size, it may behoove you to go back….

Allow me to give you a breakdown of the pricing:

Boots: 350-395
Oxfords/Derbies: 295
Loafers: 195-250

I cannot say that this will happen for sure, so don’t go quoting me, but if EG really wants to get rid of the stock, then it would not surprise me if today’s prices dropped as a consequence of that. But don’t go there thinking that this will happen for sure….it’s just my theory from knowing how these sales tend to work.

That being, if you live in London (or close by), and did not yet get a chance to go, or tried but then left due to the horrendous wait times, then it just might be worth it to give it one last shot….I really did see lots of things that I would love to own, particularly in non-black/brown colors: e.g. green, blue and gray…..

Today’s opening hours: 12-6pm


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

EG Sale in London - Last Day.....

EG Sale in London - Last Day.....


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