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July 13, 2012

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Shoes Of The Week – Landry Lacour Patina

Thinking about patinas, the most common thing that I believe comes to mind is just having your shoes died to another color, and giving it that brush stroke look. But I had never thought about actually creating the different pieces of a shoe’s pattern with the dye itself, like how Mr. Landry Lacour created a wing cap with black dye, on a whole cut shoe. For me, this represents the future of patinas. It really makes me want to source a wholecut, possibly in a crust leather (unfinished), draw on a pattern with pencil (i.e. cap, counter, adelaide piece/facing etc.) and then give it to a patina artist to color in the different pieces, in different colors, thus creating the illusion of a two-toned 5 piece shoe, but it really being a wholecut. It’s very clever what Landry did and I must say that he does a very good job at glossing a shoe up. Not before long, I will have to send him a pair of my shoes, and if you fancy this type of thing, then I suggest you do too!


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