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July 10, 2012

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Today’s Favorites – Quoddy Boat Shoes

I haven’t been a huge fan of Quoddy in the past. Not that I did not like the brand, more so, just wasn’t crazy about the way in which they designed their soles. So the other day, I was puttering about waiting for my wife to call me and happened to run into my friend Fred (who is also a reader of the blog). I asked him where he was off to (as we crossed the street), and he told me that was going to Liberties. He then said, ‘you probably won’t approve, but I am going to buy some Quoddy’s.’ I told him that I couldn’t knock him for that, and we parted ways. Then a day or two later, as I was browsing Leather Soul’s website (where these pictures come from), I noticed these new boat shoes and said to myself, ‘hey! I like these Quoddy’s, particularly the sole!’ Funny enough, the thing that usually deterred me from Quoddy shoes in the past was actually the thing that enticed me to save the pics to show to all of you. How ironic…..


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