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August 31, 2012

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Shoes Of The Week – Septieme Largeur ‘Clean’ Patina

Shoes Of The Week - Septieme Largeur 'Clean' Patina

There are many different types of patinas out there, and many things that you can do on a shoe when it is a blank canvas. I remember the first ‘patinas’ that I ever saw, in the sense that the shoe must have been made on a crust leather (white un-colored leather), and then dyed at the factory. They were on ready made shoes, were of Italian brands, and came in colors like red, green, blue etc. At the time they were mind blowing (this was 8 years ago). They would always have all of these brushstrokes everywhere, which at the time looked very cool, but thinking about it now, makes me realize how cheap they looked because of it. That brings me to the subject at hand. After seeing this picture of what I believe to be a husband’s shoes and wife’s boots, by Septieme Largeur, I realized how much I like a that looks natural, clean looking, as if the leather was tanned that way. To be able to give that look of a color fading from top (dark) to toe (light), but have it be so natural looking so that it does not have any defined areas, is simply beautiful in my mind. And the fact that they were able to do that here, makes these two shoes look utterly amazing…..


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