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August 8, 2012

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Today’s Favorites – Vass-tacular!

Picture Courtesy Of: Style Forum

Vass is one of those brands that I believe no proper shoe wardrobe should be without. This is why I always feel ashamed that I don’t own a pair, especially when I look at pictures like this and drool starts flowing from my mouth. Something about their sleek lasts and tight waists paired with robust soles just drives me crazy but does so in a good way. It’s weird, because the styling of Vass is somewhat contradicting to what I generally prefer: non-protruding, sleek soles. Yet, they managed to create the opposite of that and it still looks amazing to me. And that is why I love them so much! One of these days when I need to get some teeth replaced, I will fly to Budapest and treat myself to a pair. However, until then I can only dream of the day and continue torturing myself by looking at the appreciation thread on Style Forum, where Vass shoe porn makes you want to cry….

Photo Courtesy Of: Zimmermann & Kim


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