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September 11, 2012

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More Japanese Greatness – Clematis

What makes a shoe particular? THE DETAILS! That being, what can you spot on this shoe that is ever so subtly different??? Well, let’s take a look…..see how both heel counter and quarter brogueing bits are sloped in an upward manner and then drop towards the welt, as opposed to the classic straight line over with a drop down? Or see how the welt is black, but the sole is some sort of reddish brown? But least noticeable of all is the fact that this full brogue has six eyelets….when was the last time that you saw that feature? All these things, for me, are what make this shoe great, what separate it not only physically but also aesthetically. That’s one thing that I love about Japanese makers, such as this brand Clematis, as well as the fact that while they don’t completely try and reinvent the wheel, they definitely aren’t afraid of trying to bend it a bit!

On another note, I have read something by Mr. Ethan of Rugged Old Salt/The Armoury, that has resonated deeply within set of feelings/values etc…..and think that each and every one of you should check out:


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