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September 8, 2012

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The Adelaide by Septieme Largeur

I have never bothered to research the following, but it just occurred to me how curious I am about the person that invented all of the pattern pieces to a shoe. That being: the facing, the heel counter, the cap, the vamp and the quarters. (come to think about it, I may have read this in Lazslo Vass’ book, but I can’t be sure…..) The aesthetic of each piece can be highlighted or muted depending on how you design the pattern and this is where the fun of shoe design takes place and allows one to differentiate his patterns from all the rest. That being, I quite like the idea that Septieme Largeur had when they created this model whereby the shoe would essentially be a whole-cut pattern, but adding the facing to it with a touch of brogueing. They aren’t the only ones to have created this pattern though, but what sets them apart is the fact that they offer the patina service to allow you, the customer, to alter this design through a color combination that pleases you! And what I personally love about that, is being able to see what people come up with especially when I see something that I would have never thought went well together, but in fact, did.

On another note, my good friends at Septieme Largeur asked me to do them a favor and mention (for those of you whom might be store owners) that they will now be whole-selling their product, and will be presenting at this September’s MICAM event in Hall 4, Stand N40.


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