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October 4, 2012

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Stamp Shoes….with GPS capabilities….

Stamp Shoes....with GPS capabilities....

Dear All,

So I am back from my quick trip to Paris, with lots of treats to share with all of you! So be on the lookout!! Until then, feast your eyes on these bad boys that have capabilities….while this might seem inappropriate, I can’t help but say that these would be the perfect shoe for a heavy night out….just in case you happened to forget your way home! Nevertheless, it’s nice idea that was created for exhibition (of which has passed) by Dominic Wilcox in conjunction with Mr. of Stamp Shoes and Becky Stewart of Codasign. Aside from being a piece created for show, I must say that taking all of the holes away, I quite fancy the shoe itself, particularly the shade of blue with all of those red accents. Anyway, I am quite swamped as you can imagine after two days away and therefore can’t write too much more but wanted to share with all of you a bit of creativity in the shoe world!! I will get back to everyone’s emails and comments, so please bare with me.

Full story on the creation of these with more pictures, HERE. Photos Courtesy of Mr.

All the best,

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Stamp Shoes....with GPS capabilities....


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