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November 16, 2012

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Carreducker Spat Boots – Lovely!!

There is no shoe model more beautiful than a spat boot, not even my beloved saddle shoe. Everything about them is so elegant and amazing, yet it’s probably the hardest shoe model to come by. Clearly the reason being two: the pattern is tough to make, and the buttons are hard to affix without a special button hook, which makes it quite an impractical shoe for a RTW collection. But I say to the heck with that!! Who cares if its hard to make and use, it’s still worth it! Apparently the gentleman who commissioned these lovelies, by Carreducker, felt the same way. And boy is he a lucky man for having these. I quite like the idea of the shrunken calf that they chose to use. It’s texture, paired with the suede, gives it a really nice look about them, something not overly stuffy, thus allowing for either jean wear or even with a nice navy flannel suit, if one must…. Anyway, I never tire of seeing and sharing spat boots so if any of you ever have one commissioned bespoke, do let me know and see me a picture. That would be great!! Until that time, allow these to permeate in your mind as you enjoy your weekend!

On another note, I am adding a new addition to my blogroll: Style Alphabet . Created by my friend Julian Sudre, a young French man living in London, he has aspiration of immersing himself in the fashion/style world and making his mark through style consultancy….give it a read if you have a chance!


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