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November 20, 2012

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My Future Bestsellers! – J.FitzPatrick Wholecut Loafers

My Future Bestsellers! - J.FitzPatrick Wholecut Loafers

For those of you that have been reading my blog for a long time, you will have undoubtedly heard me ranting and raving about the lack of wholecut loafers on offer within the shoe industry. Instead, every loafer on offer seems to have an apron stitch, some tassels or the penny strap across the vamp. But rarely do you see a nice wholecut loafer without anything other than a medallion or even completely clean…..Because this bothered me, I clearly decided to do something about it and therefore designed one so that all of you whom shared this anguish with me, could soon be relieved! And here we are my friends, in the flesh and nearly ready to start being affixed to your feet. Here you can see it black box calf and to accompany it, will be a version in a very vibrant burgundy (one that has been getting much attention at my display at Selfridges), as well as a lovely mocha chocolate brown. Get your wallets ready my friends, as this beauty will only cost you a whopping 305!

My Future Bestsellers! - J.FitzPatrick Wholecut Loafers


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