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November 2, 2012

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Shoes Of The Week – Clematis

With as many Japanese shoemakers that I discover month after month, I really get the feeling that Japan is just a haystack full of needles waiting to be discovered. There is never a time that I find a new maker that is disappointing and Clematis is no exception. Having no idea their history, all I know is that I discovered them by chance and fell in love with the a lot of their models. What I constantly love about the Japanese, is their affinity to make traditional looking shoes but do so with flair and a unique Japanese touch that is so clearly evident, but also so amazing subtle….You may be lost with that statement, as it is almost a contradiction, but something about them (and maybe you have to be as crazy as me to see it) explicitly shows, but elegantly hides their “Japanese-ness.” It’s a wonderful look nonetheless that I one day hope to grace on my own feet…..


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