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November 12, 2012

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The Shoe Snob Pop-Up Shop At Selfridges

As my time in London progresses it would appear that my services offered and The Shoe Snob name seem to be progressing with it and therefore find myself doing more and more things. Sometimes I don’t even realise all of the things that I am doing, and just see them as normal day to day work and progress towards my bigger goal: J.FitzPatrick Footwear. But then sometimes when I get a chance to be alone with my thoughts I think, “wow I can’t believe that I am here, now, doing this.” Part of this disbelief is my newly incorporated “The Shoe Snob” shine stand within Selfridges’ new shoe floor, called The Men’s Shoe Galleries, which is the biggest shoe floor in the world. Never did I think that I would have a shine stand in one of the most important department stores in the world with my “The Shoe Snob” name all over it, showcasing my products and upcoming shoe line. But nevertheless, it’s here and I must say that I am very fortunate to be receiving the opportunity.

I must admit though, that while I wouldn’t have personally thought to come shop here myself, this new shoe floor has given me the impression that I might have been wrong to think that way, for it’s offerings are far and wide, ranging from Paul Smith/John Lobb’s new collaboration, to Crockett & Jones, to Alden, to all of the high street and fashion brands as well as your generic trainers like my personal favorites: VANS. ‘Something for everyone’, as I believe that they would want you to think, which is always a nice concept so long as you attempt to take the best from all categories. Don’t know how I would feel if they were to stock some pink pony hair chukka boots?? Good to leave some things out……. Nevertheless, while I am just a Shoe Snob who loves shoes out of my price range (that being, those on Jermyn St.), I do think that this new shoe floor is good for those that are not as fussy as me, because if you can’t find something that you like here, then you shouldn’t be buying shoes at all. Even here you can get the Edgware’s by Crockett & Jones, amongst all of the other English shoemakers that the average snob would certainly approve of.

It’s funny, but since being here I seem have reinvigorated my love for sneaker type shoes, as I quite like the all-black trainers by Dior and these navy moleskin/flannel (not quite sure) high top trainers by Hugo Boss (both below). While I probably would not spend the 400 or so on those Diors, the Boss are certainly calling my name!! I have also started to remember why I love some Italian shoes, as they are sometimes just so amazingly elegant! I have found that a lot of my time here in England has made me forget my love for the flashier things in life and being here has helped to remind me of that love and the fact that while I do find that conservatism has it’s place in day to day life, one must not forget to live a little and wear the things that make them feel different from the masses, like blue crocodile Santoni’s or lime green Tod’s loafers!…… All this talk of shoes is making me think that I better stay in my corner or I just might come out broker than when I started here!

Anyway, for those of you that have never had the opportunity to come visit me at my stand at Gieves & Hawkes (of which I will still be maintaining Mon-Sat. 10am-1pm) this now gives you a new opportunity at a place that is larger than life. The shoe floor is nothing shy of impressive and my section is nothing shy of fitting for a snob king, so if you are in the area please do stop by and say hi. You will find me here from 2-7pm Tuesday through Saturday (until the end of January), shining away as usual as well as blogging my life away. I hope to see some new faces, so please don’t hesitate to say hi if you spot me!!

All the best,

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


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