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November 14, 2012

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Why Care About The Shoe, When The Pillow Is Much Cooler?

Why Care About The Shoe, When The Pillow Is Much Cooler?

One of the things that I hate spending money on, is . Maybe it’s because I am a man or something, but it just pains me to buy things that make my flat/kitchen/bathroom “look better.” Obviously I would rather buy a suit or a new pairs of shoes, or pretty much any article of clothing for that matter. But attempting to be a normal, rules-of-society following individual, one has to get those things that make their abode look presentable…..So when I saw this pillow, I am sure that you can all imagine that my mouth dropped to the floor, not only in lust and jealousy, but in admiration and awe as well. I mean, how cool is it? Cooler than any other dumb pillow, that’s for sure! And I must commend the owner for being clever enough to commission it/find it/or buy it. And who is that? Well, none other than Mr. Steven Taffel, owner of . Very fitting for his lovely shop. Oh, and yea, the shoes by are nice too!

Pillow by Jonathan Adler, Photo Courtesy of Leffot


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