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December 5, 2012

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Harry’s of London A/W 2012 Collection

Harry's of London A/W 2012 Collection

For those that have never heard of Harry’s of London, they are a brand that was created within the last decade aiming at trying to fuse real comfort with timeless style. From what I have gathered, loafers have really been their key focus, or at least what they have capitalized their success upon. I had always kept my eye out on them, as some of their pieces intrigued me and have been waiting to do an article on the blog until I saw something that really grabbed me. Well, it just so happened that as a shoe lover, and now finding myself for 5 hours each day in a place that sells loads of shoes, I tend to scour the Selfridges shoe floor once a week to see if there is anything new that grabs me that I can share with all of you. And curiously enough, these Harry’s loafers did grab me, particularly the tan pebble grain ones. Now many of you know that I can be quite a loafer fan, particularly one with braided tassel bits, so needless to say when I saw these and their new calf offerings, I was intrigued. While I personally still have a hard time justifying +£300 for a pair of rubber soled loafers, it’s good to see something different being designed, especially when it’s cool….

Harry's of London A/W 2012 Collection

Harry's of London A/W 2012 Collection


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