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December 26, 2012

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What A Bit Of Polish Can Do…..

What A Bit Of Polish Can Do.....

Sometimes it truly is amazing what a little bit (or actually a whole lot) of polish can do. More often than not, if your shoe is made of good leather, it can be saved (at least aesthetically) from a point of what might look like rubbish time. There were a few cases recently where I was brought some shoes that to the untrained eye might have not looked salvageable but most definitely were with a little bit of spit ‘n’ polish! I worked a bit of magic on them and wanted to show you as an example of how a shoe can be saved with a little bit of love, a bit of your saliva and a decent polish. I hope that this helps you to look at your shoes in a different way, understanding that if your leather has not been punctured, more likely than not it can be taken to a state of repair and salvation. So, for those that have a decent pair of shoes that are starting to look a bit tired and are sitting at the bottom of your closet, time to break them out, add a bit of polish and hit the streets with ’em!

I hope that everyone had a great time over the holiday that just passed and also had a fun day of shopping on what proves to be a big shopping day!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

What A Bit Of Polish Can Do.....
Before to above’s after

What A Bit Of Polish Can Do.....

What A Bit Of Polish Can Do.....

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