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January 11, 2013

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Austen Heller – The New Driving Loafer

By way of a fellow blogger and friend, I came across a new American shoe brand, Austen Heller, selling their take on a driving loafer. Because I am always in the market for a good version at a good price, I was immediately intrigued when my friend was telling me about them and how they differentiated themselves from the rest of the market. I then went to the website and really liked pretty much everything that I saw, and knew that I needed to try one out! I was surprised that I had not come across them before, but was grateful that I had now. I was quite torn when deciding which one that I wanted to get as like I said before, I liked them all. At the end it boiled down to the pair that I obviously got and the blue suede one with red accents. But since I already have a blue suede one, I went for the brown suede number. After all, I will probably order the other one within a few month’s time anyway!

What probably intrigued me the most about the shoes, were the fact that they had a proper sole on them, that still maintained a very sleek yet more supportive and practical look with regards to your average driving loafer with all of those little rubber bumps. I mean, rubber bumps are cozy and all, but once their gone, they are gone and they don’t really give you the best balance either. So the fact that these had a proper type sole on them already gave them a one up in my book. The next thing that I was quite pleased with too, is that they actually had a nice cushioned (with small added arch support) insole, something that you also really don’t find too often in your typical driving loafer. Two positives down, now the wear-testing to go. I wore them around with a nice casual outfit and not only were they nice and smart, but also very comfy and cushy. Overall, a great loafer for the money. At $175 (£108, €131) you can’t really go wrong. The only difficult bit will be choosing what model to go with. But the next on my list is the blue with red accents!!

The only thing that I will advise on is attesting to their recommendation of sizing down, as they only come in whole sizes and run quite big. Another thing is that I spilled a few drops of water on the suede and it took awhile to dry. Had I spilled anything else, I am afraid of what might have happened, so best to protect them with the suede spray first! Other than that, great find and a great deal!


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