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January 23, 2013

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Doing Black Differently

Doing Black Differently

I used to go on a bit of a rant about black shoes in my early Snob times, but having moved to London, matured a bit (just only) and been subjected to a lot of wet days, my fondness for black shoes has began to flourish. I also think that part of it was all my shining of black shoes. Something about a black shoe being shined just on the caps is simply amazing….that being said, however, I still would rather see a black shoe done differently with respects to your average cap toe or wing tip. While I appreciate them still, I prefer a black shoe to have something special about it, something a bit unique, kind of like this interesting curve from the facing into the quarter line. Even better, Vass decided to add a bit of brogueing to it, to make it stand out even more. For me, this is elegant, unique and blows out of the water, most other black shoes. It shows that while black is such a common color in footwear, it does not have to be common in it’s design to do the trick of “business professional” shoe. As always, Vass never fails to impress…..


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