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January 16, 2013

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Two Tone Magic – G&G

Most of you may know that the , by Gaziano & Girling, is my favorite model of theirs. Every single little thing about it is top notch and I always love to see it done up in new colorways. This combination here, intrigued me at first glance, as I didn’t find it that appealing. After mulling it over a bit, staring at it and imagining different trousers with it, it started to grow on me and eventually became something that I really like. I think that I am becoming English!! These colors remind me of something that an English gentleman would wear for an outing in the countryside: earth tones with tweed clothing. It’s not something that you are really subjected to in the States, but since being here, is something that I have come to love and yearn for even. I quite look forward to the day that I get a nice green three piece tweed number and what better than a nice mustard-y suede with mid brown to go with it!! HA!
By the way, my images are nearly done, so I will start opening up the pre-orders within the next few days. Start thinking about what you would like, as it will be for a limited time frame and will be on a first-come-first-serve basis!! Remember that I am offering a one time 20% discount.
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