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February 12, 2013

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Education Of Shoes Or Serious Lack Thereof

When I think of my blog, I see that I am generally one sided in what I put on it, in the sense that I focus on expensive shoes. I like to think that instead of referring to them as expensive, I think of them as high quality shoes. Granted, in defense to myself, I do like to find good quality shoes that are also at a very low (relatively speaking) price, like Ed Et Al, Berwick, Meermin Mallorca, DC Lewis among others for all of those (like myself!) that cannot afford the Lobbs, Greens or G&G’s. I like to think that while I know that not everyone can justify spending 200 on a pair of shoes that at least that I am doing my best to educate those that can and wish to aspire to. What I am getting at here is the fact that for me it is important to do my absolute best to educate men on fine footwear in the hopes that I can help them to learn the importance of them as a tool in maintaining one’s best appearance. And because of that fact, and it’s sincerity, it pains me to see other publications suggesting rubbish for the sake of a paycheck.

This above or that below?

When I was much younger, I used to read the style magazines in the hopes to learn something new. After doing this for several years and coming to the realization that I was not really learning much, I got fed up, which is one reason why I started this blog. Too often did I see the same brands, month after month, being pushed upon readers like a grandmother trying to feed her grandchildren. The more that I saw this, got older and more wiser, the more that I realized that these were obviously the brands that were paying them the heaviest in advertising revenue. You would have thought that the point of a style mag would be to educate people on new great things that come out year after year in the style industry. Why has Gaziano & Girling never been put into a style mag? Nor Carmina? Nor Septieme Largeur? Nor many of the others that I strive to find in order to show you what is really out there in this great big world of ours, as opposed the all of the brands that you see day after day in the high street or in the department stores….I don’t about you, but I don’t need a magazine to offer me to buy a shoe from a cheap brand that I already know of. I would hope that they would educate on the new comer that I had never heard of…..yet it’s rare that they ever do…..

This above or that below?

But it seems to be a revolving spiral. I feel that the bloggers that have no boss or reason to put one brand over another on their site are becoming bigger and bigger. And the bigger they get, and thus the more that people start reading them, the less that people turn to the mags for style/shoe education, especially as blogs are free to read. As magazines loose circulation, and therefore money, they turn to their other source of revenue: advertising. The cost of a page spread or product placement goes up and thus the reason that you see all of the big, major brands plastered everywhere and why at most you will see one page dedicated to a new brand. The more that people see that they aren’t discovering new things in the mags, the less they read, and the less they read the more the mags need to get money from the big brands and thus education of shoes/style get’s lost……… Basically, what I am saying is that I find it sad that the style mags out there aren’t doing what I feel that they should be doing: educating us, the people, on the latest and greatest that is available in the world of men’s style. Instead, they continuously bombard us with plastic-y, glued soles shoes from Dune and the likes, telling us to wear them with our suits, and saying that we will look like a gentleman if we do so……. What has the world come to???!!!!

Thanks to all of the bloggers and people on the style forums out there who are educating people for free and out of pure passion!

This above or that below?


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