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February 21, 2013

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Roberto Ugolini Bespoke U-Cap’s

The author of former blog, Suitorial (now Suitology) wrote me up a few months back, telling me that he had just recently moved to London and wanted to say hello in person. At the time, I was at Selfridges, so I told him to come along there so that we could have a chat. As admirer’s of each others work, it was nice to be finally meeting in physical form and not just over the net. Not long after he popped in and brought a surprise with him, a lovely pair of bespoke Roberto Ugolini U-caps. He wanted me to give them a good shine, and as I always love shining beautiful shoes, I was pleased to acquiesce to his request (not that I had a choice anyway :-). The leather, being of top-notch quality, shined very easily and came up quite nicely. The shoe anyway was very beautiful and of superb making, very fine and almost dainty, just how I like them: super Italian! Anyway, there really is no point to this story other than the fact that it was nice to finally meet Mr. Suitology and to see a lovely bespoke shoe, one that I thought you all could appreciate.


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