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Monthly Archive: March 2013

March 29, 2013

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Bespoke Shoes – Where the hell are they???

I have been writing this blog for about 3 years now and in that time, I have probably put up about a million pictures of shoes. As all of you can attest to, a lot of what I put up is generally the stuff that the average man probably wouldn’t wear and that would definitely stand out in broad daylight, or in the case of these bad boys above (by George Cleverley) would also do […]

March 28, 2013

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Surprise! More Shoe Porn!

Run of the Mill Dear Readers, My internet access point is acting up at Gieves, so I am busting out a very quick post for you as I am not in my normal area and can’t stay long!! So please enjoy some of the shoe porn presented here….I am going to sneak in a preview of something and see if you can all guess what it is…. Enjoy the porn and see you tomorrow (hopefully […]

March 27, 2013

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Balmoral Boots That Make One Cry

These two precise colors are probably my absolute favorite color combination, even more than my staple choice of black and red!. So needless to say, when I saw these lovelies (by Enzo Bonafe– I believe…source did not seem 100%), my mouth dropped to the floor as I would die to have a shoe in these colors. While it is hard to get a good feel for this boot due to the picture angle, what I […]

March 26, 2013

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Old School Beauties by Wildsmith

The more that I see shoes from makers that date before the 60-70’s (like these Wildsmith’s) that unfortunately no longer exist, the more that I love them. Right now in the world of consumerism and capitalism I really don’t think that every brand tries their absolute hardest to make the best shoe that they can. I know that some still do and keep hold of a very very high standard of quality but with the […]

March 25, 2013

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The J.FitzPatrick Launch Party Night

As many of you may know, I have finally launched my very own shoe line after many years of hard work and build up. To celebrate the occasion, Gieves & Hawkes at No. 1 Savile Row was kind enough to host my launch party, as my shoes will be selling at this location exclusively for the time being. For those of you who came to the event, I truly thank you for the support, and […]

March 21, 2013

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The Shoe That Defines Me

(Video by James Cole, for WatchAnish) Dear Readers, Here is a video I made as a profile to really explain how I came to be where I am and why I chose that route. I hope that you all enjoy it. To enlarge, simply click on the bottom right emblem on the screen. Things are a bit less manic now that I have had my launch and after this weekend (pics will be up soon), […]

March 20, 2013

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Crockett & Jones Green Suede Cavendish

Green is really starting to grow on me as a color of attire, whether it be in your jumper, your tie, your trousers, and especially your footwear! However, certain shades of green are certainly better than others, as is quite obvious. This shade here is probably one of the nicest and richest shades of green that I have ever seen on a pair of shoes. A lot of times, when you start to dabble in […]

March 18, 2013

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Underrated Greats: Scarpe di Bianco

When one thinks of the greats, there is a list that comes to mind that I think is quite standard. But, I feel that as time goes on, that list while staying relatively the same, should have some people added to it. Some of you may remember that a while back I reviewed a Scarpe di Bianco shoe and was thoroughly impressed by the craftsmanship of them. I think that there is almost a trend […]

March 14, 2013

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Bontoni Brilliance!

I never really see Bontoni’s anymore and I just finally discovered why. Apparently, the founder (the grandfather) put a clause into the contract when he sold the company (or passed it on) to his heirs (son or grandsons -whichever) stating that he did not want his shoes to be sold in Europe (specifically Italy — on a RTW basis) but only be provided as custom creations. I was told that when they first started, it […]

March 13, 2013

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Lovely Bespoke Creations

Now some of you might be thinking that I just did a post about not liking gussets on shoes, but allow me to clarify, that is was the fact that I don’t like gussets on shoes that have faux laces one them. If it is an intended slip on shoe, then gussets are just fine. Getting that out of the way, allow me to express my appreciation and admiration of this pair of shoes made […]