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March 14, 2013

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Bontoni Brilliance!

Bontoni Brilliance!

I never really see ’s anymore and I just finally discovered why. Apparently, the founder (the grandfather) put a clause into the contract when he sold the company (or passed it on) to his heirs (son or grandsons -whichever) stating that he did not want his shoes to be sold in Europe (specifically Italy — on a RTW basis) but only be provided as custom creations. I was told that when they first started, it was not a company that sold shoes but rather just a family of shoemakers that made bespoke shoes for their friends and family. Obviously as their shoes are beautiful, word of mouth must have kicked in and word started to get out about their lovely creations. At that point it was probably difficult to stay as small as they wanted to with high demand so they started offering bespoke to more than just close friends and family. But when the founder passed away, he never said that they could not supply their shoes to outside of the EU and that is why you can find them all over the US and most like in Asia, but that finding them in the EU is like digging for diamonds….

Nonetheless, I came across this pair the other day and wanted to weep at the beauty of them….simply amazing and nothing else……gosh I am jealous!!!

Bontoni Brilliance!


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