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March 26, 2013

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Old School Beauties by Wildsmith

Old School Beauties by Wildsmith

The more that I see shoes from makers that date before the 60-70’s (like these ’s) that unfortunately no longer exist, the more that I love them. Right now in the world of consumerism and capitalism I really don’t think that every brand tries their absolute hardest to make the best shoe that they can. I know that some still do and keep hold of a very very high standard of quality but with the way the world has gone, it’s hard for a businesses to justify keeping standards to the 100% highest level, without losing money at some point. This is where I feel that shoes from the old day, where there was a lot of pride in shoemaking, took it to another level and tried their absolute hardest to make the best thing that they could. Every time I see an old shoe, whether or not I feel it to be of my liking (style wise), I at least always appreciate the making of it from the pattern to the stitching to the shape of the last and how the leather hugs it. It’s really hard to explain what I am thinking about without having seen as many shoes that I have, as it’s something that I can put into my mind, but hard to express in words. Nevertheless, this shoe, while being a simple full brogue, blew me away when I saw it in person, as it was flawless in all of those qualities that I just named above…..

Old School Beauties by Wildsmith


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