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March 5, 2013

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The Lazyman Trend….Not My Thing

The Lazyman Trend....Not My Thing
Picture Courtesy of Rugged Old Salt

makes a beautiful shoe…without question. And this shoe is no exception. But what I have a hard time coming to terms with is the fact that this is an oxford, with what appears to be fully functional laces, but still has the side gusset that you would find the lazyman’s brogue. That leads me to therefore believe that the side gusset is now an accessory of design, or simply a way for a person to have a real oxford but be able to slip his foot in it without lacing…something that for me just screams laziness. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a loafer, but not because I don’t have to lace it and it’s easy to get on. I love the look of it. But it would appear that these days people are getting so lazy that they just want shoes that they don’t have to lace, but that give the appearance of a dress shoe. This doesn’t sit right with me, as I believe that it simply promotes pure exaggerated laziness. If you want nice , then tie them up like everyone else. Are we becoming so lazy as a society that we cannot bend over to tie our shoes?

What’s next the shoe that you can keep on your feet and leave on in your bed so that you can get straight up and go to work??


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