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March 18, 2013

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Underrated Greats: Scarpe di Bianco

Underrated Greats: Scarpe di Bianco

When one thinks of the greats, there is a list that comes to mind that I think is quite standard. But, I feel that as time goes on, that list while staying relatively the same, should have some people added to it. Some of you may remember that a while back I reviewed a Scarpe di Bianco shoe and was thoroughly impressed by the craftsmanship of them. I think that there is almost a trend right now to focus on the English, French and Central/Eastern European makers (Vass, St. Crispins) but one must not forget that while the Italians are laughing it up by making all of the designer rubbish and making millions, there still are some small factories making very very well made shoes!! One of those factories just happens to be the makers of , a brand whose versatility and range of making is simply phenomenal. I feel like if I can think it, has it and can make it without it even being bespoke, that’s how many style, color, sole and construction options that they have for their MTO process. It’s absolutely amazing, yet I feel that there greatness is slept on or simply ignored for the fact that Italian makers have seemed to fallen off the radar….but believe me, they will be back on top again…I bet you!

Photos courtesy of fellow blog readers’s Pinterest page: Artisan Shoes

Underrated Greats: Scarpe di Bianco


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