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April 29, 2013

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Ascot Shoes – Online Shoe Store

The idea of just owning an all black or brown pair of shoes for your wardrobe is changing . Two tones and unconventional colored shoes are quickly creeping their way not only onto the shelves of once known conservative shoe companies, but are also spreading across the internet like a virus thanks to all of the companies that offer MTO services. Gone are the days of the “norm,” of fitting into society comfortably so that no one notices you. Now is the time for individuality, expressing it through your shoes and doing so with colors, but still maintaining an elegance about yourself. I do believe that these things are becoming more and more accepted, so long as the people pushing it don’t go overboard and show up to work in their pink pony haired brogues. Rather a nice navy blue cap toe oxford, or racing green wholecut. These things should be acceptable and thanks to stores, whether online or shopfront, like Skoaktiebolaget and Ascot Shoes people can purchase MTO like models that are already in existence without having to take their dive themselves and risk regretting it……

Ascot Shoes, who has been around for sometime, is the king of the eBay shoe shops, selling shoes brands anywhere from VASS, EG, C&J & John Lobb all the way to Jeffrey West, Angello Galasso and a few other quirky Italian labels. Mainly however, is his relationship with VASS and doing things that are quite fun and unique, such as shoes with 3 colors, lots of two toned (particularly with snuff suede and brown calf) and a selection of amazing boots. It is also rumored that one of the VASS’s lasts (the K last) is named after the owner of Ascot Shoes, which would entail a strong relationship between the two, at least I would presume so! That being, you find things on there that one might not otherwise dream of. It allows you to shop without really needing to be creative as it would appear that the creativity has already been laid out for you and you simply need to choose which one you fancy most. It’s great too as it allows you to see how something could turn up without ever having to pull the trigger on the purchase. The majority the battle of doing MTO is really deciding if your idea is going to come out like you envision it. But if it is already there, in the flesh, then it makes the risk far less….

Companies like this, I believe, will start to become more and more, because it is so easy to just get a plain black or brown shoe, and anyone can go find one. But it is hard to find something unique, yet I feel that more and more people are wanting those unique things that no one else will have, or at least very few will. Therefore, mark my words that shoes that would have usually been thought of as an MTO type, will start to become more readily available. Thanks to Ascot Shoes, Skoaktiebolaget, Made to Order Paris and anyone else doing this for paving the way to the future of great shoes being made easily available!

All pictures courtesy of Ascot Shoes


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