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April 19, 2013

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My Two New Toys

I have always wanted a nice briefcase bag to complete my outfits of slick shoes, nice suits and smart coats. Only that a bag of exceptional caliber will usually run you much more than a well made shoe. As I am by no means wealthy (as of yet!), I was left to toting around my Samsonite computer bag all around London, day in and day out. However, my luck has finally changed and have now found myself a lovely navy blue leather bag to accessorize with all of the other blue things that I have! While getting a nice bag is really not about matching per se’, I always been attracted to the color blue (particularly blue leather), which is why I chose it, as well as all of the other blue things that I possess. Being someone who is exceptionally picky with the products that I chose to associate myself with (in looks, not name, clearly as I wear Primark shirts), I have never really found a bag of less than 600 that made me say ‘wow,’ until now….And while my taste in shoes is quite ornate and wild at times, I find myself attracted to the more simple side of things when it comes to other leather goods. That being, this briefcase by Glenroyal, found at Linkson Jack, was perfect for me!

Whats great about this ‘work bag‘, for the average person who like me, appreciates nice things but does not have tons of disposable income is the fact that you can pay for it in installments. I find this to be quite amazing in the modern day, especially for an online webstore. Most others would want upfront, immediate payment. But this allows you to do so on a monthly basis for as little as 15/month. Not bad right?! Especially as it then makes the bag affordable to the average ‘joe’! Anyway, it’s a lovely bag at a great purchasing option of installments and I am thrilled to have it. I do feel a bit more complete (not in the literal sense, but in complete outfit sense) and thought that many of you would appreciate seeing a bag of this caliber, something that you too may have been searching for, but had yet to find.

On another note, my other toy is this new adelaide model of mine (my RTW version of THIS) that will be coming out this June. While it is a bit on the eccentric side of things, I find it to be quite fun and a sort of alternative to what I made in conjunction with Gaziano & Girling. Made from navy crust leather and what is called Blackwatch cloth (tartan flannel-ish), I found it to be a nice play on a bit of fabric mixed with leather, in a color combination that for me, pairs quite nicely together. While in some pictures with flash, the green might stand bold, in reality the tartan is quite subdued and not bright nor ostentatious by any means. I have changed the pattern slightly however (to what you are seeing), by shortening (only slightly) the wing cap, as well as rising the facing, to be a bit on the higher side. Once I have it, I will take proper photos and put it up on the blog, for sale, quite possibly as a web-exclusive for all of you as I don’t believe that the average G&H customer will ever go for this, but I know that some of you shoe lovers will appreciate it. There will only be 12 total pairs, so I will be pre-ordering it should you find yourself attracted to it and want to make sure that you get a pair! Just let me know….

Anyway, thought that you all would appreciate seeing a few products on the different side of things: Blue leather bags and tartan infused shoes! And on a side note, I just wanted to let all of you know that posts like this, in which it might seem like I am blatantly advertising one of my advertisers products is not something that I am obliged to do, as I would never try to sell you something for the profit of someone else, but rather on my own accord as I only promote things and products that I truly believe that you would appreciate and be interested in. That being, I just want to re-affirm, as I am sure that many of you already know, that my blog content is always 100% up to me without any 3rd party influence.


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