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May 29, 2013

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Black Suede Fringe Tassel Loafer by Carreducker

I never understood why black suede has not been more utilized in high end, quality footwear. I mean, if you want something smart, but casual at the same time, and love the color black (as most men do) then black suede (in my mind) would be the perfect option. But yet finding black suede in a shoe shop is like looking for the holy grail, it simply does not really exist. This makes me want to do something about it (which I will) but also makes me worry that if I do so, will it just stay sitting on the shelf and thus not getting sold? Who knows, but I think that it is worth the risk! Onto the shoes at hand, a good friend of mine was just recently married and had the opportunity of getting a bespoke a piece of bespoke footwear for the wedding and thus chose Carreducker to be the makers of his ideal shoe. Being the super slick mod-influenced Londoner that he is, he wanted to get a pair of fringed black tassel loafers and thus created this pair of bad boys to wear on his big day! Lovely to say the least, daring in a good way, and inspirational to wrap it up!! Here’s to more black suede on the shoe shelves!


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