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May 6, 2013

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Kanpekina aka Perfetto — Japanese Greatness at it’s absolue FINEST!!!

The more the days go by, the more I feel that Japan might quickly be becoming the mecca for fine footwear and amazing shoemakers. It is known that when the Japanese culture takes ahold of something, whether it be blades, yo-yo-ing, technology or shoemaking, that once they go for it and immerse their culture into it, they don’t stop until it is perfected and they become the best at doing it. Kanperkina/Perfetto is proof of that perfection as well as the fact that they continuously sell out when their shoes go on sale…. And because of this brand (among the many others), it just might be that in reality, they have simply started to conquer the shoemaking industry and I say that wholeheartedly. I will admit that my favorite makers (of which you probably know, but I won’t name) are still from Europe, but the more and more that I see Japanese shoemakers and the beautiful creations that they make, the more that I think that Japan is the place where term ‘exceptional shoemaking,’ should now be synonymous with. That may be a bold statement, but I am not exaggerating when I say that they deserve it.

While one would look at these shoes and think (due to their aesthetics) that they were made in England (by Edward Green if I were to make an educated and naive guess) it is actually the fact that they are made locally in Japan. If this is truly the case (which I presume that it is as they state it on the website), then man, do I tip my hat to the factory, as this type of making is hard for any factory, even the ones that have been around for over 100 year’s. Spat boots, for those that don’t know, are probably the hardest pattern to get right, and be executed well. And one can tell when looking at these, that they did a brilliant job at it. Hopefully soon, I will suss it out completely and find out exactly where they are made, and then take a trip to the factory, as I would love to see these in production, and more so just factory itself, especially if it is in Japan!! Nevertheless, I will say that these boots are simply amazing and while not entirely practical for the average person, still a treat to see and even more so, to own. If I could afford it, I would have them all!!

Look at the last shape of that brown check boot on the right… die for!!!!

It is truly exciting to see where the shoe industry is heading, particularly when brands like this come out and are so popular that you have to be on a waiting list just to get their shoes. That’s true success and makes me happy to know too, as it shows the progress that we, as humans, are having with our personal styling when it comes to footwear (while we have been free in our attire for many years — hence people not being embarrassed to wear bell-bottoms/square toes etc, I do believe that in our footwear, we have been far behind and are only now really starting to break out and be truly creative and daring — in a good way). These boots are probably among the coolest shoes that I have ever seen, truly….And I can only hope to one day own a pair….as soon as I figure out how to get on that list!!

Pictures Courtesy of: Dress Like A, En Grande Pompe & Upper Shoes


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