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May 16, 2013

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Leatherfoot Online Shoe Stock – Heavy, Heavy Shoe Porn!!

Carmina – Ruby shell cordovan

Can’t remember whether or not I mentioned this before on the blog (but I am sure that I did), that a new shop in Toronto, Canada (called Leatherfoot) just recently opened, selling the likes of G&G, Saint Crispins, Alfred Sargent, Carmina and La Cordennerie Anglaise. I just recently perused the site and found what looked like the holy grail of online shoe shopping. I mean, there was everything from these ruby red shell cordovan Carmina’s, to the electric blue Saint Crispins below, to the contrast tie tassels by La Cordonnerie Anglaise, to a whole lot more and then some! It really please me to see this happening and all I can hope for is a shop like this in London to pop up sometime in the near future. I know that a few people have thought of it and actually attempted it but the race is still on….To the owners of Leatherfoot, well done on a great shoe line up!!


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