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May 21, 2013

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Spring/Summer 2013 Scarpe di Bianco Goodness

What I really like about Scarpe di Bianco is the fact that they have new models to drool over each season. Most shoe companies of this level don’t have such frequent new offerings, which makes it so that you have to chose from their ever-current stock, unless that is that they have a brilliant MTO program, which makes it so that you can have a new thing under the sun anytime that you wanted. But unfortunately most don’t, as it is costly not only in stock holding but time/tooling costs/materials etc to work on and thus bring out new styles with the hope that customer will also like them and thus buy. I am starting to truly understand the risk that one takes when doing this, so can definitely appreciate the fact that SB does their best to keep it fresh and current by having a few new models each season. Not that they have to worry too much because they are always making nice things that I am sure appeal to many people……such as those lovely double buckle chukka boots!

And a few MTO’s…..


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