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June 5, 2013

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Feeling Dandy?

It takes a confident and courageous man to be bold in his attire. It is easy to be elegant in muted colors and go unnoticed without anyone batting an eye at you. But doing so while being colorful is probably one of the hardest things that a man can do when it comes to dressing himself. It’s too easy to say ‘oh god that looks awful, all that color,’ just because that person wouldn’t dare of doing so, not for actually not liking it but for fear of what other people would think of them. And while most people would say that out loud, I know that deep down many of them would actually admire that person as not only do they have the gumption to do exactly what they want, but also not care about what others think. That is a mental freedom that few people have. And then when they pull it off, it’s even all that much better. Now, doing so on a regular basis and looking good on that regular basis is difficult, at best, to do. Mr. Lapo Elkann (heir to Mr. Agnelli/Fiat throne) does it well. He definitely does not do it all of the time, as I even find myself thinking, ‘my gosh, that is dreadful!’ But many times, he pulls it off and looks good doing so. That being, G&G recently made him some opera pumps and I just love the colors that he chose. The blue and green are just so amazingly vivid and well the grey is simply lovely. Well done Lapo, no surprise, but well done….


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