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June 28, 2013

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J.FitzPatrick – New Models/Last in the Woodworks

One of the great things about my factory is that they will literally allow me to design anything and will try to make it for me. I have heard through the grapevine that many classic factories (making this type of welted shoe) don’t allow this type flexibility for their private label customers, forcing them to stay within the boundaries of classical patterns. So needless to say, I feel quite fortunate for this freedom and therefore continuously try to knock up new things with the hopes to find new models and last shapes that can fit into the collection and thus appeal to all of you (or at least some of you!). While I have most of the simple classics already taken care of, i.e. a semi brogue, a wingtip brogue, a cap toe, darby etc., lately I have been trying to slightly reinvent the wheel a bit, doing things that while still relatively normal, offer a slight edge to them, such as my new take on a saddle loafer (as shown below in blue calf on my new soft chisel toe last) or this straight-cut heel counter. While some will obviously not find these details appealing, it is only with hope that some of you will and appreciate the uniqueness that I am trying to create, while keeping it tasteful. So, here are a few new models that will hopefully be coming to my collection at some point next year. If you fancy them, stay tuned!

Question for all: Loafer with or without a medallion??

I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend and while this is delving slightly a bit into my personal life, I feel the need to tell all of you that my lovely wife is due with our first born child any day now and that means that when it happens there might be a slight period of disappearance from myself. I will do my best to keep it to a minimum, but duty will inevitably be calling…..

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


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